Protector of the broKen Hearts

early praise for protest Songs & Party Anthems


GREG DULLI - Afghan Whigs, Twilight Singers

It’s not you, it’s Lee. Motherfucking Chris Lee, that’s who. And one listen to Protector of the Broken Hearts will answer the eternal question of “What if Ozzy fronted T Rex?” Non stop, good time rock and roll at all times from this cat. Play it loud! 

DAVID CATCHING - Eagles of Death Metal, Queens Of The Stone Age, Mojave Lords

You need rock n roll! You need Yellow Soul! You need Protest Songs And Party Anthems! You get it all with Chris Lee!  Chris Lee has always kicked ass with his music and lyrics, and even more so now with his new album. Containing hooks for days, stories that invite you to the celebration and let you rock out with abandon and no hangover !! Get it!!!


The arrival of Chris Lee rock is always a festive occasion. Chris’ righteous riffs and sweet melodies speed my pulse, raise my fists to the sky and put a giant smile on my motherfucking face. More please!


This record kicks ass.  It has a great energy and joie de vivre, and the protest stuff has a great candor and personal quality, but offset by the rockers in a  great way

JOHN TEMPESTA, The Cult, Testament

I love this record! Chris Kicks some serious Ass!! This is straight up Rock & Roll that has been missing for a long time. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!!


This album is a well wore tight pair of jeans that you never wanna take off!


KRISTIN HERSH, Throwing Muses

I’m a sucker for everything Protest Songs and Party Anthems brings the table: raw, sweet, loud, literate and even fun—the F word.

DREGEN, Backyard Babies, Hellacopters

Whoa! Finally a non-nonsense straight up Rock N’ Roll album from Chris Lee! Been waiting for this since we toured Europe together!

NAT FREEDBERG, The Upper Crust

Chris Lee made fired-up, hook-and-riff-laden, hard-partying rock and roll with Supagroup, but times have changed, and a true artist's mind, like a disco ball, refracts the world he lives in. Chris Lee's new album, "Protest Songs and Party Anthems," flashes images from the culture wars of our times with heavy-rockers like "When the Fire Comes" and "Hail to the Strong Man." Then, just when you're ready to take to the streets in full riot gear, he turns around and delivers on the party-anthem promise of the album's title with irresistible rockers like "Glitterati," "Real Go Getter" and "Rockers on the Left." Who says we can't have our cake and eat it too? We'll be dancing to this in the streets, all the while taking potshots at the fascist oppressor. Big thumbs up.

J. YEUNGER, White Zombie

New Album from Chris Lee! Big rock sound!!


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